Bleeding Fairy Helmet Mushrooms Mini Paint By Number Kit


This charming mini paint-by-number kit depicts beautiful berry-capped fungi growing on the forest floor!

The preprinted background sets these mushrooms against bold black with a tidy white border. Completing the painting can take between 1-2 hours, so this is a perfect party activity!

  • 6 x 6" sturdy 100% paper painting board with pre-printed background
  • 6 American-made, non-toxic, acrylic paints
  • Princeton Brush synthetic sable hair paint brushes (vegan)
  • Instructions

Reccommended for ages 13+ 

Elle Crée produces artist-quality paint-by-number kits that foster creativity and self-care. Founded in 2017 by Portland illustrator Rachel Austen, the company seeks to reduce its environmental impact by carefully sourcing eco-friendly components that are locally produced and USA-made whenever possible. They are also committed to being an organization of diversity, inclusion, and inspiration for budding artists everywhere.

Finished Size: 6x6"

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