Dual-Tip Skin Tone Markers


Achieve both subtle skin-tone shading and dramatic effects with this wide-ranging dual-tip alcohol marker set.

  • Great for portraits, figure drawing, comics, and all illustrations of people.
  • Set includes 6 alcohol ink markers.
  • 2 tips: fine for detail work, brush for broad-area coverage.
  • Archival quality.
  • Dye-based.
  • Super blendable, both before and after ink dries.
  • Optimal ink flow for even saturation.
  • Great for illustration, design, sketching, crafting, colouring, cartooning, and more!
  • Works on paper, fabric, glass, wood, metal, and ceramic.
  • Use with quality heavyweight paper.
  • Marker set comes in a sturdy, reusable organizer case.

WHY ALCOHOL INK MARKERS? Alcohol-based inks lay down vibrant, smooth areas of colour. Blend them to create beautiful shading and subtle watercolour effects. Unlike water-based markers, they won't damage the surface of your paper. They'll write on nearly anything and are made to last. They're ideal for artists and crafters of every stripe and any experience level.

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