Felt Mouse Tucked in Bed Ornament


Introduce a touch of bedtime enchantment to your festive décor with our adorable felt mouse ornament!

Snuggled under the covers with a cozy night cap atop his head, this little mouse dreams of the holiday wonders to come. Right beside him, his stocking hangs expectantly, awaiting the delightful treats Santa might leave.

Each intricate detail, from the gentle curve of his tail to the delicate stitching of the stocking, embodies the anticipation and magic of Christmas Eve. This ornament is a tender reminder of the joys of belief and the spirit of the holiday season.

Perfect for decorating your tree or as a heartwarming gift, let this sleepy mouse spread warmth and wonder in your holiday celebrations. Sweet dreams and festive cheer await!

Size: Approx. 6"

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