Felt Squirrel Holding Red Acorn Ornament


Invite a touch of forest charm into your holiday decorations with our enchanting felt squirrel ornament!

Cloaked in a radiant red scarf that mirrors the chilly season's warmth, this spirited squirrel is the epitome of woodland wonder. Holding close a matching red felt acorn, it's as if it's found a special festive treat just for the holiday season.

With its soft felt craftsmanship and eye-catching details, this ornament is a delightful addition, destined to sparkle amidst twinkling tree lights. Perfect as a unique gift or a personal keepsake, our squirrel ornament promises to bring smiles and spread yuletide joy.

Celebrate the season with this charming little critter and its treasured acorn!

Size: Approx. 6"

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