Japanese Letter Paper - Day


This beautiful "Ippitsu-sen" memo pad designed by Japanese illustrator Hiiragi Yuka features vibrant spring colours on every page. Butterflies and blooming florals will accompany your musings as you work your way through this handy pad of paper.

"Ippitsu-sen" literally means "One stroke writing paper" in Japanese and is used to write a short message within a couple of sentences. This paper pad is also great for to-do lists, short letters, thank you messages, or simply as a memo pad.

  • 20 sheets
  • 4 designs
  • Mino washi paper
  • Made in Japan

Cozyca is a Japanese stationery brand whose mission is to bring artists' works more easily and naturally into daily life, encouraging more people to know about artists and their works. Cozyca products feature whimsical art by a wide variety of artists. They create stationery and miscellaneous goods that are easy to use in everyday life.

Size: 3.1 x 6.6"

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