Stand Tall Darling Flamingo 8x10" Print


This vibrant print was created as part of a collaboration between Lily & Val and Where The Styled Things Are. "'Stand Tall, Darling' it’s the epitome of sticking up for yourself. No matter what your size, the idea is to kick the crud to the curb and just stand tall…be who you are, wear what you want, and be damn proud of it while you are doing so!" - Adelle Cousins.

All Lily & Val original chalkboard prints are hand-lettered using chalk, then digitally photographed and printed on professional, archive quality Epson paper for a timeless look without the dust.

Framing & Displaying Tips:

To provide the most realistic chalkboard appearance, prints can be framed without the glass. Simply place the glass BEHIND the print. This option is only recommended if the print is displayed in an undisturbed area free of moisture.

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