OHTO Minimo Ballpoint Pen - Black


If you've been looking for a tiny pen to tuck into your wallet or stash in a pocket, look no further than this slim solution!

The OHTO Minimo range takes compact pens down to a whole new level of compactness! Small enough to fit almost any organiser loop and even most wallets and purses, the Minimo is the perfect choice for note taking on the go.

Never be without this tiny travel companion - if you need an ink refill they can be found here!

  • Black ink
  • Metal pocket clip
  • 3.7mm diameter
  • 0.5mm tip

Established in Tokyo in 1919, OHTO has developed wide a range of writing instruments for over a century. OHTO manufactured the first ballpoint pens in Japan in 1949, and have been consistently at the forefront of pen technology ever since.

Length: 3.6"

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