10cm Yuzen Patterned Origami - 40 Sheets


Unleash your creativity with our beautiful Yuzen paper pack! This package features 40 sheets of handmade Japanese printed papers, also known as Chiyogami, that will add a unique touch to your origami creations. Each pack includes a different random combination of prints, making each project one-of-a-kind.

The intricate patterns and bold colors of our Yuzen paper will inspire you to create beautiful origami pieces that are sure to impress. With 40 different patterns to choose from, you'll have endless possibilities for your projects. Each sheet measures 15cm x 15cm, perfect for a variety of origami designs.

These papers are of high quality and durable, ensuring that your creations last long after they've been folded. Get ready to embark on a beautiful journey of origami with our Yuzen paper pack!

Sheets: 40 Sheets

Patterns/Colours: 40 patterns

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