Deluxe Origami For Beginners


Amaze your friends and family with these easy-to-fold paper sculptures!

This beginner-friendly kit contains everything you need to learn the art of Japanese paper folding! It teaches you how to create 30 of the most popular origami models (including ones with "interactive" moving parts!)--from animals, puppets, boxes and boats to the classic crane.

The 30 elegant and easy-to-fold origami models in this kit include:

  • Cute animals like the Folksy Fox and Lounging Frog--that your family will love!
  • Action figures like the Dragon Puppet and Coyote Storyteller--paper puppets that "talk"!
  • Paper airplanes like the High-tail-it Plane--give them a toss and watch them soar!
  • Origami boxes such as the Bird Basket and Handy Candy Box--perfect for storing small trinkets and for presenting small gifts!
  • And many more!

The kit includes 78 sheets of beautiful origami paper in two sizes (6" and 4") plus a 64-page full-color book with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the projects.

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