Thai Marbled Momi - Sky/Silver


This freeform hand-marbled momi paper features subtle shades of light sky blues, accented with metallic swirls of silver.

The base paper, which is initially machine made from kozo and bamboo pulp, is then hand-marbled and crumpled to feel “as soft as fabric”. The pattern is accomplished by skillfully adding oil based paints to float atop a tray of water, then moving the paint around to create a swirling pattern.

The blank base sheet of paper is then carefully laid on top of the water, grabbing the swirling pigments, then quickly removed. The sheet is set aside to dry then, once dry, additional colours are added using a tie-dye process giving the backside of the sheet a colourful dyed pattern of its own. The sheet is then crumpled to produce it’s soft cotton-like feel, and set aside to dry once more.

Size: 24 x 36”

Weight: 40 g/m2

*Please note that each sheet is handmade so expect variations in the overall pattern and colour distribution 

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