Job Title: Store Manager (Full-time)

Reporting to: General Manager

The Paper Place is more than just a store – we're a vibrant hub for creativity, a haven for paper enthusiasts, and an incubator for craft-inspired community in Toronto. For close to two decades, we have offered a diverse range of paper products, from delicate handmade sheets to innovative craft kits, all with a touch of imagination and a lot of heart.

We're looking for a full-time Store Manager who can channel their own creativity into strategic planning and leadership. You'll take on the big-picture responsibilities that keep our store running smoothly, meeting sales targets, and providing the exceptional customer service we're known for.


Human Resources

  • Recruit, hire, and train new staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to contribute to our creative ecosystem.
  • Conduct thorough performance reviews, identifying opportunities for growth and supporting each team member in their journey with us.
  • Assist in crafting the monthly schedule with precision, ensuring our store is always ready to inspire and serve our customers.

Staff Development and Training

  • Lead onboarding and training, covering product knowledge, store policies, customer service, and operational procedures.
  • Mentor and coach the team, providing regular feedback and fostering a positive, supportive work environment.
  • Identify and address training needs with sessions or workshops, including product refreshers and customer service updates.
  • Promote continuous learning and improvement, encouraging staff to share ideas for better operations and customer experience.
  • Recognize and celebrate staff achievements, enhancing team cohesion and morale.

Revenue & Profitability

  • Drive the financial health and profitability of the store by setting and exceeding revenue targets.
  • Manage store expenditures, seeking opportunities to minimize costs and maximize profitability.
  • Review and monitor daily, weekly, and monthly business results, creating strategic plans with the General Manager to achieve sales targets.
  • Mitigate risks by identifying and resolving gaps or roadblocks to profitability, ensuring inventory accuracy and reducing shrinkage.
  • Be the visionary behind our sales efforts, using your creativity to prevent loss and constantly enhance our customer experience.

    Customer Service

    • Embody and uphold our commitment to exceptional customer service, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
    • Resolve escalated customer complaints with grace and efficiency, adhering to our return and exchange policies.
    • Respond to customer inquiries via phone and email with professionalism and creativity.

    Product Management

    • Collaborate closely with suppliers for weekly orders and new additions, maintaining the high-quality selection our customers love.
    • Partner with our owner to discover new and interesting products for our store, with a special emphasis on handmade and locally crafted goods.
    • Oversee the journey of our diverse range of products, from ordering and receiving to pricing adjustments and issue resolution.
    • Ensure new product samples are promptly showcased in our binders, sparking inspiration for our customers.
    • Keep our website vibrant and fresh with timely updates of new products.

    Store Displays

    • Arrange captivating store and window displays that showcase the beauty of our products and ignite the imagination of passersby.


    • Organize and coordinate a regular schedule of creative workshops, acting as the liaison for guest instructors, and managing the registration system.

    Store Maintenance

    • Oversee the maintenance of our creative sanctuary, ensuring all staff are contributing to a clean, organized, and inviting environment.


    • 5+ years of retail management experience, with a strong emphasis on staff training in sales and customer service.
    • Proven ability to meet and exceed sales goals through effective sales strategies and team management.
    • Exceptional customer service, management, and communication skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks with creativity and efficiency.
    • A personal passion for creativity, crafts, and the art of paper.
    • A deep appreciation for the unique environment of a longstanding, community-focused small business.

    Why Join Us?

    • Be a part of a beloved community institution with decades of success and good standing.
    • Work in a creative and dynamic environment where your contributions make a real impact.
    • Enjoy a supportive and positive work atmosphere that values your insights and ideas.
    • Join a team that celebrates achievements and fosters professional growth.

    At The Paper Place, we're more than just a team – we're a family of creative spirits and paper lovers. If you're ready to apply your skills and passion to a unique retail environment that values creativity and community, we can't wait to meet you!

    To apply, please send your cover letter, detailing why you're the ideal candidate to lead and grow our team, along with your resume to info(at)