Emily Dickinson Notecards


Introducing the Emily Dickinson Notecards, a delightful collection that pays homage to one of America's most cherished poets and her passion for nature!

As an avid gardener and botanist, Dickinson's profound understanding of the natural world deeply influenced her poetry, with her garden serving as the inspiration for her language and metaphors.

This exquisite notecard set features four unique Emily Dickinson passages, each reflecting on the nature and passage of time, encouraging both sender and receiver to cherish life's precious moments. The box and envelopes are thoughtfully adorned with prints from the poet's personal pressed-flower albums, where she meticulously preserved over four hundred specimens.

Share your thoughts, well-wishes, and heartfelt sentiments with the Emily Dickinson Notecards—a truly exceptional way to connect with loved ones while celebrating the beauty of nature and the power of poetry!

  • 12 notecards
  • 12 floral envelopes

Size: 4.75 x 6"

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