Floral Jar Drop Sticker Set


Cultivate a garden of creativity with our Floral Jar Drop Stickers!

These clear epoxy stickers feature delicate flower specimens preserved within elegant bottles, offering a touch of nature’s serene beauty to your projects.

Perfect for gardeners, planner enthusiasts, and crafters alike, these stickers infuse your creations with a botanical elegance. Whether adorning journal pages, personalizing greeting cards, or embellishing gifts, they bring a flourish of the outdoors to any craft.

Let your creativity bloom with each sticker's botanical charm!

  • 35 stickers
  • Glitter details
  • Gold foil details
  • Epoxy resin finish
  • Made in Japan

Bringing a smile to your everyday life with cute stationery! Founded by Takuo Seki in 1986, Active Corporation quickly expanded as did their product - with plenty of new additions added to their catologue each year. Through these changes the core of their company has stayed true, they aim to create products that will make your heart feel warm and enriched.

Size: 3 x 7.5"

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