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Flower Fairies Postcards - set of 12


Dive into the enchanting world of Phoebe Wahl's creation with this magical set of 12 illustrated postcards, where fairies and flowers blend in delightful harmony!

Imagine sending a whisper of wonder through the mail or transforming a corner of your room into a gallery of whimsy. From the serene Cornflower to the vibrant Zinnia, each card captures a fairy embodying the spirit of a different bloom—Dahlia's bold beauty, Echinacea's healing grace, the ethereal dance of Queen Anne's Lace, and more, all waiting to sprinkle a bit of magic into your life.

Printed with care in Olympia, Washington, on lush, 140# recycled off-white cardstock, these full-colour illustrations offer a tangible piece of a fairy-tale world. Whether mailed to a friend or adorning your walls, they're a testament to the joy and wonder that flowers—and their fairy counterparts—bring into our lives.

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