Garden Cat 8x10" Print


Introducing "Garden Cat," a delightful art print that captures the serene beauty of a charming white cat basking in the sunlight of a lush garden.

This piece comes from the talented Sarah Jacoby, an award-winning picture book creator and illustrator renowned for her ability to craft images that resonate with warmth and humour. Sarah finds her greatest joy in painting whimsical creatures that spark laughter and delight.

This art print is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, brought to life by the Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Utilizing an advanced 11-colour high-definition ink process, each print showcases exceptional clarity and colour depth, ensuring that the playful spirit of the "Garden Cat" and the vibrancy of its garden setting are beautifully preserved.

Printed on enhanced matte archival paper, this art piece is designed to captivate and charm viewers, making it a perfect addition to any collection.

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