Grunge - Silver on Cream


All of our beautiful Nepalese Lokta papers are hand-made and hand-dyed in Nepal, resulting in a large variety of mesmerizing silkscreen printed patterns and rich solid colours. They can be used for a variety of craft applications, including bookbinding, collage, and origami. They are also eye-catching framed as art! 

Batik Geo Squares are created with an ancient process that involves layering wax and dye to create a relief pattern on the material below. To create this effect on Lokta paper, bee’s wax is hand placed to create the pattern, followed by vibrantly coloured dye to cover the whole paper, then the paper is ironed to remove the wax and reveal un-dyed natural paper below. 

Made from the sustainable source of the Lokta bush, the papers are eco-friendly as well as durable and strong. The production process starts with the bark of the Daphne plant, known locally as “Lokta” which grows in abundance in the Himalayan foothills. The bark of the Lokta regrows within 4 years therefore with controlled harvesting and replantation, the forest and environment are preserved for the future. Our supplier was established to support the manufacture and export of Nepalese handicrafts and is registered with numerous organizations that maintain trade, labour, and environmental standards for local craftspeople.

Being handmade, all these papers have a slight variation in size, thickness, and colour that give them all a unique and individual personality. 

Size approx. 20” x 30”

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