Marble - Gold/Silver/Copper on Mint


Discover the enchanting versatility of our Nepalese marbled papers, perfect for a myriad of craft applications. Whether you're delving into bookbinding, creating unique cards, assembling collages, or exploring origami, these papers transform your projects into works of art.

Their striking visual appeal also makes them ideal for framing. Crafted from the sustainable Lokta bush, each sheet is not only eco-friendly but boasts durability and strength, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.

Our marbled papers celebrate the rich tradition of Nepalese handicrafts, each piece handmade and unique, featuring patterns as diverse as the artisans who create them. The production process honours the environment, utilizing the renewable bark of the Daphne plant from the Himalayan foothills, supporting forest preservation through controlled harvesting.

Partnering with a supplier committed to upholding trade, labor, and environmental standards, we ensure that your choice contributes to the sustainable development of local craftspeople, making each sheet a testament to ethical beauty and creativity.

* Each handmade sheet is uniquely marbled, ensuring no two are alike.

Size: Approx. 20” x 30” with a handmade deckle edge

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