Need More Plants 8x10" Print


Presenting a delightful art print that's a must-have for plant enthusiasts and green thumbs alike, crafted by the talented Michelle Rial.

Renowned for her insightful and whimsical charts, Michelle brings her unique perspective to the world of flora with this piece, offering a series of witty justifications for why one can never have too many plants.

As the author of "Am I Overthinking This?: Over-answering life's questions in 101 charts," Michelle's work has captivated audiences through features in USA Today, Fast Company, Vox, and more, celebrated for its brilliant, accurate, and charming designs.

This print is produced with precision, using an 11-ink colour process on smooth, enhanced archival matte paper, ensuring rich blacks and vibrant colours. Each piece is thoughtfully finished with a thick backing board and housed in a protective sleeve, guaranteeing its beauty and integrity.

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