Heritage Washi - Sekishu Banshi Tsuru Large


Sekishu Banshi Tsuru Large is a premium quality Japanese paper that stands out from others claiming to be Sekishu due to its 100% kozo fiber content, with some added cleaned green bark. This is the real deal, made using a technique designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and as an Intangible Cultural Property by Japan. The slightly greenish tone of the paper comes from the inclusion of green bark from the middle layer of the kozo plant.

The paper is cooked in soda ash, unbleached, and machine beaten before being dried on wooden boards. This careful production process results in a hardy, resilient, and absorbent paper that is excellent for conservation, repair, printmaking, brush painting, and Chine Colle. At 25g in weight, Sekishu Banshi Tsuru Large is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of handling, yet light enough to allow for easy manipulation.

Sekishu Banshi Tsuru Large is one of the oldest continuously made papers in Japan, originating in Sekishu (now called Shimane). Its longevity and versatility make it a highly sought-after choice for a wide range of artistic and conservation applications. Whether you are a professional artist, conservator, or hobbyist, Sekishu Banshi Tsuru Large is sure to impress with its wonderful hardy character and exceptional quality.

Sheet size: 21 x 29.25"
Weight: 25g
Fibre: 100% Japanese kozo (with some cleaned green bark)


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