Thai Marbled Paper - Smokey Tanzanite


Every sheet of this gorgeous handmade marble is unique, with swirling watercolour tones of periwinkle blues and teal-blue greens.Our lightweight Thai marbled papers are made from kozo (mulberry fibre) and bamboo pulp and each pattern is created by hand! 

To create the marbled design, oil-based paints are added to a tub of water. The paint, which floats atop the water, is moved around to create a swirling pattern. The base sheet of paper is then laid atop the water, grabbing the swirling paint pattern, then quickly removed. The sheet is then set aside to dry. This artistic technique creates a unique one-of-a-kind design each time. An occasional imperfection is part of the character of these hand-decorated papers and adds beauty and variety. 

Size: 24 x 36”

Weight: 30 g/m2

*Please note that each sheet is handmade so expect variations in the overall pattern and colour distribution

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