Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit


Become a true aviator by making your very own paper airplanes based on world record-holding designs!

Paper airplane expert Andrew Dewar presents this new collection of 16 original high-performance paper airplane. These model planes are incredibly easy to fold, and designed to push the envelope in terms of time aloft and distance thrown-based on principles exploited by record-breaking paper airplane experts such as Ken Blackburn, Michael Collins and Takuo Toda.

The book opens with the history of paper airplane record-setters, followed by a fascinating introduction to flight and aerodynamics for kids. By learning about the engineering properties that affect the duration and distance of their flights, they'll have fun coaxing better and better performances out of these optimized designs. The sky is the limit once they understand how planes actually work!

Some of the high-tech projects include:

  • A colourful Condor
  • A futuristic Strato Taxi
  • A speedy Delta Dart
  • And many more!

Each paper plane has simple folding instructions and corresponding custom folding papers with folding lines printed right on the sheets. Each plane can be folded up in just a few moments, so kids can start shattering records of their own right away!

This paper airplanes kit includes:

  • A full-colour, 64-page book
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • 16 unique designs
  • 48 full-colour airplane folding sheets


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