Catffirmations Journal


Embrace the tranquility of your inner feline with this enchanting Catffirmations Journal, designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation!

Featuring the mesmerizing artwork of Lim Heng Swee, this interactive journal is filled with hidden cats and their whimsical mantras, offering a playful yet soothing experience for cat lovers and mindfulness enthusiasts alike.

Not only a visual treat, this journal provides a multitude of ways to engage with its content. Read the uplifting affirmations, seek out the cleverly camouflaged cats, or delve into the thought-provoking writing prompts to unleash your true inner cat.

Perfect for journalers, writers, bujo aficionados, and anyone seeking moments of repose, this Cat Mindfulness Journal is the ideal gift for cat-obsessed stationery collectors and fans of calming, minimalist art. Let the wisdom of these feline friends guide you to a more centered and playful self – it's the ultimate cat-approved companion for a happier, more balanced life!

  • 144 lined, blank, illustrated, and guided pages
  • Sewn ribbon bookmark

Size: 5 x 7"

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