Felted Ornament Roundup!!

For several years we have been carrying an ever increasing variety of adorable felted ornaments and our customers have come to anticipate the new offerings every year! I thought that I would do a quick post to highlight some of my favourites!

*Please note our ornaments are available in store only. If you are interested in ordering some but are unable to come into the store, just give us a call or send us an email!

We'll start with the Winter Holiday Hedgehogs who are enjoying a variety of winter sports such as skiing, snowshoeing & sledding! 

Winter Hedgehog Ornaments

This guy is a favourite amongst the staff and has earned the nickname "Rod" owing to his uncanny resemblance to Rod Stewart!

Rod Stewart Hedgehog

Next we have the Foxes who are rocking a bit more attitude, check out the guy on the right with the pipe hanging out of his mouth!

Fox Ornaments

The Uptown Cats seem to be preparing to knit some holiday gifts for their friends, or perhaps are just getting into trouble with the yarn!

Uptown Cats

With five different cats to chose from and each face a little different, it can be hard to chose the perfect feline friend to bring home with you!

Ginger Cat Ornament

What goes perfectly with cats? Mice!! Our Traveling Mice are on the move heading home for the holidays or, perhaps, to a tree near you!

Mice Ornament

The detail on these little sweethearts is amazing!

Traveling mice

Next are our super sweet white winter bunnies, equipped with warm wooly scarves to protect them from the winter chill!


And to bring home that truly festive spirit, the Yuletide Mice!! Complete with red festive sweaters, they are ready to celebrate the holidays in style!

Yuletide Mice

Speaking of sweaters, what would the holidays be without the odd crazy sweater?! Maybe these petite versions for your tree would suffice and you can spare your loved ones and co-workers? 

Sweater Ornaments

Last, but not least, are our petite Holiday Kids! With 8 different styles to chose from, you might just have to take one of each home!

Holiday Kid Ornaments

Seriously, who could say no to these faces??

Holiday Kids close up

So there's a little taste of what we have this year, for lots more come visit us at the store - there is SO much to see!