Iris Glitz Sunshine Wrap Sheet


This beautiful, premium gift wrap is hand block printed on ivory cotton paper using 2 colours and gold ink. A separate wooden block is used for each colour application and the colours are stamped one at a time with a high level of skill and precision. The result is a truly stunning sheet of paper which is guaranteed to 'wow'!

Born out of a love for beautiful wrapping and a passion for tradition, Paper Mirchi focuses on creating luxury artisanal papers that are handcrafted, recyclable and sustainable. At Paper Mirchi, they work closely with small family-run units in India, where the artisans are passionate about their craft which has been passed down through generations. The brand uses 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper and traditional textile processes such as hand block printing, tie dye and techniques such as hand marbling, to create an exceptional range of gift wrap sheets and greeting cards.

  • 50 x 76 cm
  • 100% recycled cotton paper

Made in India

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