Cat Sticky Notes 30 Sheets


Enjoy the perfect combination of functionality and cuteness with these sticky notes bordered with curious kitties ready to relay any memos you write down. A must for any cat lover, use these vibrant notes are great for jotting down reminders, writing notes to your friends, or even using as a bookmark - they're purrfect for anything!

  • 30 sheets
  • Made in Japan

Furukawa Paper Works has been dedicated to making beautiful washi paper since 1835. Located in Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, Furukawa sits at the heart of traditional Japanese papermaking. Mino washi is so special and historically important that it has a place on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Today, Furukawa carries the tradition of Mino washi forward with stylish stationery that connects people with one another and reminds them of the natural world.

Size: 5 x 6.5"

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