15cm Bokashi Origami - 55 Sheets


Discover the stunning beauty of the Bokashi Origami Paper Pack! These papers create a one-of-a-kind ombre effect when folded, adding a special touch to any origami project. With 55 sheets and 10 colour combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

This package also includes detailed instructions with illustrations in English for making 14 fun and unique origami projects. Learn how to create a variety of items such as a Candy Box, Samurai Helmet, Hopping Frog, and more. With the Bokashi Origami Paper Pack, your creativity knows no bounds!

Sheets: 55 Sheets

Patterns/Colours: 10 Colour combinations

Instructions: This package includes instructions to make a Candy Box, Cushion, Box, Balloon, Dog, Sheep, Samuari Helmet, Hopping Frog, Cup, Doll, Japanese Helmet, Gold Fish, Cicada, Coaster and a Cow. Illustrations provided, text is English.

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