Bird of Paradise 8x10" Print


Introducing the "Bird of Paradise" art print, a standout piece from the mesmerizing "Wolves & Wonders" collection. This collection explores the intricate beauty of wild creatures, the indomitable spirit of adventurous women, and the rich tapestry of stories that weave together the East and the West.

Crafted by the exceptionally talented Emily Martin, also known as The Black Apple, her captivating paintings have now been transformed into an exquisite art print we are proud to offer.

This art print is produced with precision and care, utilizing an 11-ink, fade-resistant colour process that ensures each piece displays vibrant colours and rich, deep blacks. Printed on superior, smooth, enhanced archival matte paper, this print embodies quality and elegance, thanks to the expert craftsmanship of the Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

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