Fern - Gold & Olive on Cream


Introducing a treasure for every paper aficionado — our Fern-patterned Nepalese Lokta Paper. A delicate dance of gold and green ferns graces the cream canvas, reminiscent of nature's gentle brushstrokes. Each sheet narrates a tale of skilled artisans from the Himalayan foothills, their deft hands meticulously crafting and dyeing every piece.
Imagine card making, bookbinding, wrapping a special gift, crafting a collage, or even folding a unique piece of origami with this art piece. Or, frame it up, and let its ethereal beauty captivate your guests.
Our family-run supplier passionately collaborates with local makers, bringing life to an array of breathtaking handmade products. Their beautiful Nepalese papers are created from the bark of the Daphne plant, known as Lokta in Nepal, a renewable resource that rejuvenates within just 4 years. By championing controlled harvesting and replantation techniques, they ensure nature's beauty remains undiminished for generations to come.
Being handmade, all these papers have a slight variation in size, thickness, and colour that give them all a unique and individual personality. 
Size: Approx. 20 x 30”

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