Lacquered Yuzen - Scales Blue


Lacquered Yuzen Paper elevates the art of paper craftsmanship to new heights, distinguishing itself with an embossed texture that sets it apart from traditional Yuzen or Chiyogami papers!

This unique finish not only mimics the sophisticated appearance of classic Japanese lacquerware but also adds a tangible depth to the paper's surface. Crafted through a meticulous process, each color layer is hand-silkscreened onto a high-quality Kozo base before being coated, resulting in a sheet that is not only visually stunning but also extremely strong, durable, and flexible.

The creation of Lacquered Yuzen Paper involves a labor-intensive technique that echoes the Japanese Urushi style, renowned for its glossy, refined finishes. This process ensures that each sheet possesses a lustrous, embossed surface that enhances any paper craft project, making the paper especially perfect for bookmaking, origami, and a wide array of paper crafts that demand a robust yet elegant material.

With its combination of resilience and distinctive raised texture, Lacquered Yuzen Paper is a versatile choice for artists and craftsmen looking to add a touch of luxury and durability to their creations, from origami and bookbinding to box making and beyond!

Full Sheet Size: 24 x 36"

Weight: 140g

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