Nighttime Floral Washi Tape - 15mm


Step into a whimsical nocturnal garden with our enchanting Nighttime Floral washi tape. Delicate blue blooms flourish amongst gold foil stamped details all on a deep blue backdrop, enhancing the mystical allure of its design.

Whether adorning planners, journals, or crafting projects, this tape invites you to capture the quiet beauty of a moonlit garden, where flowers bloom under the gentle gaze of the night sky.

Perfect For:

  • Cardmaking that captures the heart
  • Gift-wrapping that stands out
  • Scrapbooking with a personal touch
  • Decorating your space with whimsical flair
  • And any other project your creative mind can dream up!

Size: 15 millimeters wide by 5 meters long.

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