Origami Stars Folding Paper


The tale of paper stars begins with a story of a little girl in Japan named Hoshi. Hoshi loved stargazing and admiring the stars in the night sky. One night, she saw the stars falling in a meteor shower and was saddened that they had fallen. Because she wanted to keep the stars from falling, she began to fold paper stars for every star she saw fall out of the sky, even gathering the other children in her village to help. They ended up making about two thousand stars, placing them in their own jars – and to their joy, the following day the night sky was filled with stars! Since the children believed that for each star that was folded, a falling star was saved, origami paper stars were then given the title “lucky stars."

Origami paper stars are generally given as gifts to loved ones to symbolize good luck, love, and support. They also signify admiration and love for the recipient of the stars, many taking the time to write well wishes on the paper strip before folding. This kit provides you with pre-cut strips so you can easily make hundreds of lucky stars of your own!

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