The Art of Origami Books


This inspiring guide takes the reader on a journey deep into the fascinating world of the art of origami books. 

Packed with illustrative examples by renowned international artists and paper folders, we are introduced to different folding and cutting techniques for constructing such as origami, kirigami, leporello and the Turkish map fold while a wealth of practical easy-to-follow folding templates and diagrams motivate us to try them ourselves. Here you will find useful tools at the service of your imagination, as well as detailed explanations of the methods and creative processes of sixty working artists and creators from all over the world.

With more than one hundred models, many of them previously unpublished, the book is a synthesis of classic origami and kirigami folds and arrangements of folds used for creating unusual books and booklets without binding, as well as the folding and cutting techniques that made them possible.

  • Over 50 templates
  • Hardcover 
  • 176 pages

Born in Paris, Jean-Charles Trebbi is an urban architect, designer, artist and writer. A Renaissance man who specializes in the infinite possibilities of folding, cutting and assembling using paper, cardboard, textiles and even wood and metal. 

Size: 8.875 x 9.75"

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