I have spent the last few days talking of nothing other than what my husband Stephen & I should do about our shops being open right now. We have read article after article about how imperative social distancing is to flatten the curve here in Canada so we have made the extremely difficult decision that, after today, we are closing both The Paper Place and our other store, @curiosasociety, to the public and moving to online only for the time being.

We have truly agonized over this and I know people may have different reactions to this news but please know we did not make this decision lightly. We understand the long term financial risks that lay ahead for us (believe me, we did the spreadsheets!), but we have to follow our hearts and the health and safety of our team and community are more important.

Please know that our staff will be taken care of during this time and we are all looking forward to when things return to normal 🤞

We will keep everyone updated as things evolve!

Wishing health, happiness and love to everyone. It’s just for a while - we can do this ❤️