March 7th, 2021

I know many of you are reaching out to see if we will be reopening tomorrow as some of the restrictions lift here in Toronto. The short answer is we will be remaining curbside pickup only for a while while we weigh our options.

Like many small businesses our once lovingly merchandised store has been pretty much converted into a fulfillment warehouse which has been absolutely necessary to keep up with our international & local shipments and curbside pickups. To convert it back to a fully functioning shop to allow for just 25% capacity is a tricky thing and we are looking at all our options at this point.

We have also dealt with the reality of Covid amongst our staff and the repercussions of having to fully close for the most critical 2 weeks of the retail year back in December so weighing staying open in our limited capacity vs the possibility of fully closing again is very much part of the equation given the case count and variants present in Toronto right now.

We may stay curbside only for some time or just open up a section of the shop or fully open... we just need a little more time to figure it out.

I have agonized over what to do and even more on how to communicate it to everyone. The last few weeks have been extremely challenging for all of us at the shop. There has been a palpable shift in customer interaction and it is clear a lot of people have lost their patience with us being closed. My staff and I have been yelled at, sworn at and even had a mask-less individual push their way into the shop and refuse to leave even when we threatened to call the police. The small business love-in we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic has definitely shifted and I know this isn’t the news some wanted to hear.

A huge thank you to all of you who continue along this rollercoaster ride with us with patience and understanding, this reimagining of the shop every few months has taken a toll on all of us and we are so grateful for all of you that have stuck with us ❤️